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John Goullet Highlights the Current Most Popular Tech Jobs

Tech jobs are arguably the most in-demand jobs currently in the market. Companies far and wide are looking for software engineers, programmers, and developers. If you’re qualified, there are plenty of large to mid-sized businesses looking for your skillset in tech. Knowing what you bring to the table can help you minimize your search for businesses in need of your skillset.

John Goullet, chairman of Diversant LLC, started his career as a tech consultant before transitioning to IT staffing a few decades ago. Because he has helped thousands of job hopefuls find gainful employment at Fortune 500 and mid-level companies, John Goullet understands what companies are looking for when it comes to hiring top talent. Here are a few of John Goullet’s highlights of the most popular tech jobs right now and what you need to know to stand out from your peers.

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