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4 Things You Should Ask Yourself Before Becoming an Entrepreneur - with John Goullet

Entrepreneurship is an enticing concept.

Whether you were leaning back in your desk chair and daydreaming about being your own boss, or perhaps sitting in bed when you were suddenly struck with a “million dollar idea”, the odds are at one point or another you have considered pursuing becoming an entrepreneur.

The idea of building something from the ground up, growing rich and successful because of it, and creating a legacy that will outlast you is certainly appealing, so it's no wonder that over 600,000 new businesses are started each year. Unfortunately, approximately 20 percent of those businesses will fail within two years, 45 percent during the first five years, and within a decade only 35 percent of them will still be around.

The fact of the matter is that entrepreneurship is not for the faint-hearted. It is a humbling practice in constantly learning from both your triumphs and mistakes, and to pursue it requires discipline and sacrifice. It's not an easy road, and according to John Goullet, an IT staffing executive who founded his company nearly 30 years ago, the decision to become an entrepreneur should not be made without putting in the time to reflect on what it truly means.

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